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About Us

We have a passion for organizing! Do you need help getting your home organized? Does your company need help organizing? We can help! Our goal is to work with you or your company to decrease clutter and maximize space. We have been helping companies and individual’s for over 15 years. We are compassionate, patient and non-judgmental. We are here to help you, you guide the process, you are in control.
Maria Muzio Professional Organizing Tampa

What We Do

By using our 5-step process we guide you through the process of decluttering.

Get excited!

Yes, this can be an overwhelming process but you just made a liberating decision! So let’s have fun.


No matter what we organize we use these four categories. Keep – Maybe – Donate - Trash
By seeing what we have it’s easier to categorize.


Here we donate and discard the items you no longer want.


This is the best part! Here we organize all the things we’re keeping.


Now that the work is done, step back and enjoy your clutter-free organized space.

We can help in very room of your home

We can help your business


Business Services:

Please call for pricing.

Home Services:

Services are customized based on your needs, budget, and time.  Typically, each in-home session is 4 hours ($340).

Maria Muzio Professional Organizing

We have a keen eye for detail.

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