Maria Muzio

Consistency is key to a successful business, and it all starts with a Standard Operating Procedure. This one document creates consistency, reduces training costs, reduces errors, improves quality, provides continuous improvement, empowers your staff and so much more.  Creating procedures or any business document can be overwhelming so we’ve streamlined the process.  In a few steps we can help your business effectively create and roll out the documents your company needs.

About Us

Our aim is to achieve efficiency and consistency, while reducing miscommunication and failure. We have a passion for writing business documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, Training Material and Forms just to name a few. With over 15 years’ experience writing for retail, health care, PBM, pharmaceutical, finance and government; we can help your company too.

We have a keen eye for detail.

Maria Muzio Business Writing and Professional Organizing

What We Do

We developed a simple yet comprehensive 10-step process for that can be applied to all your business writing needs. By collaborating with your entire team we create the documents your company needs. We focus on the data collected, feedback received and gap analysis to ensure each document follows best practices. In addition to document creation we can assist with staff training and document control.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help your company streamline processes and improve efficiencies through documentation


We offer full-service documentation creation and support as outlined in our 10-step process, as well as templates for, Employee Acknowledgment of training, SOP Matrix, e-mail distribution.

Document Creation:

We will work with your staff, Subject Matter Experts and management to create new Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, Training Material documents, or other custom documents. *The SOP template can be yours or ours.

Document Review:

Need a second set of eyes to your existing Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, or other documents? We are happy to help and provide feedback and suggestions.

Document Updates:

Need help with updating your existing documents? We will work with your team and provide feedback and recommendations.

Document Control:

Do you need help with establishing document control? We can help with your existing process or create a new one.


We offer on-site and virtual training in creating Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, Job Aids, and templates for Employee Acknowledgment, SOP Matrix, e-mails distribution and creation and document control